Tamir Rice: A Child’s Right to Play


“How do I talk about race with my children?”

That’s what Charisse Moses wonders as she watches the news with her two sons every night.

“I have to create a world where they can live,” Moses said.

The Mt. Airy native isn’t alone. Many mothers and fathers in the community have struggled with finding the words to explain the killings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and others over the past few years.

So they’ve gathered together to form Philly Children’s March, a social justice group catering to families and more specifically, children.

“There are so many adult-led, adult-involved organizations within the city, but we wanted a movement for children because they notice the injustices, too,” said Roberta Frempong, a charter member of Philly Children’s March.

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