Toy protest, Philadelphia, May 31, 2020

Dear PCM Family,

Did you ever wonder who funds PCM? Hint: it’s almost entirely 6 Mamas from this group who volunteer their money, time, labor, and materials for all of our events. We would love to have financial support from our community, so please consider giving either a one-time donation or $5, $10, $25 or… even better… monthly to re-distribute the financial responsibilities of running PCM. It helps us so much if we can rely upon a certain amount each month.

If you have been part of the PCM community online or in person, we are asking you to consider contributing to PCM in a way that allows us to continue our racial justice work- in the community, with children and families, and with schools and community organizations.

What has PCM been doing lately?

You can check out our Philly Children’s Movement website or Facebook group to see some of the work over the last four years. We held the first child-centered Black Lives Matter march in Philadelphia in 2015, and since then, we have:

– organized Philly public school students in response to gun violence

– worked with teachers in schools, childcare centers, and school districts around racial literacy, activism, and implicit bias

– held child-centered poetry, art, and right to play actions

– created Mix & Match playgroups for local caregivers and young children

– launched our first #black2school campaign to get more Black educators in the classroom

– organized the viral #familydayofaction on May 31, 2020, along with Wee the People, Raising Luminaries, and the MassArts Center for Arts and Community Partnerships

– joined together in community to stand up against white supremacy and hate targeted at Black and Brown Americans, immigrants, and religious minorities.

How can you help us continue and grow?

Please consider what our racial justice organizing and education work has meant to both your family and our community- and what you are able to contribute towards supporting that work.

Can you do a one time donation? That would be amazing!

Even better, can you commit to a certain amount every month so that our work can be sustained across time?

Every single bit helps. When you support PCM, you support racial justice work going on with youth, families, and educators in your community and beyond.

So please consider either a one-time or sustaining monthly donation of whatever amount works for your family. Donating through FlipCause ensures that your donation goes to our fiscal sponsor and is tax deductible.

Thank you,�

PCM Core Members:

Tia Mathisen, Roberta Frempong, Andrea Myers, Charisse Moses, and Jen Bradley.